MySQL Quick Reference (Syntax Version)

ACID properties:

Atomicity: All or None, if the transaction fails in between, it rolls back entirely.

Consistency: If the transaction has occurred between two parties, then it should reflect on both sides.

Isolation: If multiple transactions are running concurrently, they should not be affected by each other.

Durability: Hardware and Software failure must not cause the data loss during transaction.

DML: insert, update, delete, merge

DDL: Create, drop, truncate: deletes all the rows (where cannot be used), alter, rename.

DQL: select

DCL: grant, revoke

TCL: commit, rollback, savepoint- sets savepoint within transaction.

Operator order of precedence: SQL will always give higher precedence to AND followed by OR.

Wild Card Characters: % for sequence of characters, _ for a single character and * to select everything.


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