Numpy works in a lower level language and therefore has shorter computational times.

Deals with vectors and matrices.

Can be used to import and preprocess data into Python directly.

Main feature: N-D array class which corresponds to lists.

Matrix: A datastructure having rows and columns used mostly for mathematical operations…

Any distribution can be standardized. Assume the population mean is µ and standard deviation is σ , a distribution is in it’s standard form when (µ,σ2) = (0,1).

Normal distribution can also be standardized using the formula

z = (x — µ)/σ

Where z is the Z score. Consider the below normally distributed data points.

Normal distribution depicted by blue curve

ACID properties:

Atomicity: All or None, if the transaction fails in between, it rolls back entirely.

Consistency: If the transaction has occurred between two parties, then it should reflect on both sides.

Isolation: If multiple transactions are running concurrently, they should not be affected by each other.

Durability: Hardware and…

Central Limit Theorem states that if we take multiple random samples out of a population the distribution of their sample means will always be Normal. In descriptive statistics only a single sample is taken from the population and calculations are made based on it. However the results are suboptimal and…

Reading files with Open

  1. file1 = open('file path' , 'mode') is used to open the file you want to load.
  2. Mode can be ‘r’ reading, ‘w’ writing or ‘a’ for appending that is if you want to use the existing file to write instead of creating new ones.
  3. Always remember to close the file…

Jayesh Rao

Hi good to see y'all, I am an aspiring data analyst and will be posting stuff about Statistics, Python and R and also some interesting projects I do. B-)

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